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Wealth Creation

What are the 5 Laws of Wealth Creation?

Here are five wealth creation principles that will remain true forever. 1. You must get time on your side by investing early in your lifetime. Time adds value to money. Delayed investing shortens your time, which increasingly requires the compensation of...

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How can I get serious about successful investing?

There are four basic types of people, each  with differing mindsets when they approach investing; the Sideliner, the Gambler, the Hobbyist, and the True Investor. If you want to be a serious and successful investor, you will need to mindfully recognize the...

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What is the mind-set of financial independence?

Establishing the right mindset towards money will eventually show up in your investment portfolio as wealth that can provide a lifetime of income and the eventual achieving of financial independence. This may be impossible, without understanding how attitude...

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How do individuals or families accumulate wealth?

They save by moving money received as income into a separate account, before they spend it. It doesn’t matter if you have received an inheritance or won a lottery – the rule is the same. Save, and then invest before you spend. Here are some good...

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